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Update: Best fireworks ever (in pictures and videos) plus the ‘mystery’ lights dancing in the sky

Of course, there were fireworks to finish off the celebration of Saint Anthony in Colonia San Antonio.

And they were beauts.

Worth climbing up to the upper deck to watch. So worth it. Enough said.

Just a great way to finish off a crazy Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads. Hope there were crazy moments and fireworks and lots of love in your life today.

What was this?

Just before the San Antonio fireworks, this cluster of lights floated up into the sky and hovered for about six minutes. In sync with the music, they rotated, changed position, changed color, and spun slowly around. And then floated ever-so-slowly to earth.

It was an unusual aerial ballet.

Computer-synced drones? Alien space ships? Northern Lights? Too much wine? What do you think?

Video of the San Antonio fireworks:

Click on any photo to enlarge:


Put more magic in your life!

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Colonia San Antonio, photography, San Miguel de Allende

The jewel of Colonia San Antonio

Parroquia de de San Antonio de Padua in Colonia San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The fireworks began late last night from the Parroquia de San Antonio d Padua grounds. The ongoing celebration of the Feast of Saint Anthony seems to be building strength as the day draws closer.

The music was more lively, the singing was louder, and the roars from a happy crowd were freighted with joy. Every night, the people gather at the church as the evening’s procession draws near. Different processions from different parts of San Miguel de Allende have been taking place since June 3. They will continue until June 18.

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photography, San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel’s tree lighting ceremony and holiday lights show kick off with a bang

Tonight was the official tree-lighting ceremony in San Miguel de Allende. As always with any ceremony here, that includes a bodacious fireworks display. The fireworks seemed to go on forever. What a sight!

All the white fairy lights in the park and those covering the seven streets entering into the public square were lit as well. As the Atencion newspaper put it this week: they “seem like a path of stars.”

Rose and I walked into the square (Jardine Principal) just as the countdown began.

What a show!

Scroll through the pictures and be sure to check out the videos at the end. Turn the volume up to 10!

Merry Christmas!

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