Colonia San Antonio, photography, San Miguel de Allende

The jewel of Colonia San Antonio

Parroquia de de San Antonio de Padua in Colonia San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The fireworks began late last night from the Parroquia de San Antonio d Padua grounds. The ongoing celebration of the Feast of Saint Anthony seems to be building strength as the day draws closer.

The music was more lively, the singing was louder, and the roars from a happy crowd were freighted with joy. Every night, the people gather at the church as the evening’s procession draws near. Different processions from different parts of San Miguel de Allende have been taking place since June 3. They will continue until June 18.

On June 19 the city will experience what is called the Convite de Locos, a massive parade of as many as 8,000 costumed participants — maybe fewer with new restrictions in place — flowing down the Ancha, starting at Salida a Celaya, to Canal, Hernandez Macias, Insurgentes, to San Francisco and toward the city center in front of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. The parade begins around 10-10:30 p.m., after Mass at the San Antonio church.

What makes the parade unique is the structure — there are four main groups, and inside of each are 13 subgroups. Each subgroup will have a specific theme which will be carried out by as many as 100 participants. Traditionally at the end of each of the four groups would be a mass of costumed characters who do not fit any of the specific themes. These are called “ballplayers.” This year, these freelancers are not allowed, according to local media. We’ll see.

You’ll know when the parade begins when the traditional “abuela” slowly makes her way down the street, alone and ahead of the crazies. All-day June 19th and into the night there will be music, dancing, food, and fireworks at the San Antonio church.

Knowing that there are plenty of fireworks to come, I was slow to rise from my chair and climb up to the rooftop last night to properly appreciate them. Besides, the Celtics were giving my Warriors a hard time in the third quarter and they needed me.

Of course, they were over by the time I reached the roof. But the night was glorious, the air was still crisp from the mid-day rain, and the sky was black with the promise of rain to come. Only some gray wisps of firework clouds remained in the windless sky.

The church looked especially beautiful in the evening light.

Monday’s mid-day rain on Callejon San Antonio:


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