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In Colonia San Antonio: Los pequeños locos make my day

This thing about San Miguel de Allende is you just never know when a parade might break out.

Like this morning.

I was on my way to Pilates. (I know this woman who rocks at teaching floor Pilates. …) As I turned off Calle San Antonio and headed down Calle Allende there was a distinct change in the atmosphere. People of the parental type were hanging on the corners near the church and all looking down the street.

The police motorcycle was slowly making its way up Allende — a sure sign that there will be a parade following.

But it was 10 a.m.

Never too early for a parade in San Miguel. Or too late. Or too many. They are like hot air balloons, murals, weddings, food carts, and mariachis. We are blessed with an abundance.

Sure enough, the Festividad de la Parroquia de San Antonio de Padua is still in full swing. There have been pilgrimage /peregrinacións to the church every evening since June 3 from all over San Miguel de Allende. They will continue through June 18 and culminate in the giant costume extravaganze Dia de los Locos on Sunday, June 19.

This morning it was Dia de los Pequeños Locos, the little crazy ones, parading with their parents.

I couldn’t stay for the whole thing as I have a very strict Pilates instructor who does not like it when I’m late. Besides, in my backpack, I had the cold, scented towels that she gives each student during savasana.

Still, I couldn’t not take some photos. We have the most beautiful kids here and when they get dressed up, the needle flies off the cuteness meter. Today the kids were handing out and tossing candy to the people on the sidelines — a longstanding parade tradition.

Little Superman came up and handed me a caramel. I shouted “Muchas gracias!” and I was quickly surrounded by kids offering me more candy than I could fit in my cupped hands! Fortunately, other kids were there to pick up everything that I dropped.

One other point, there were so many dads walking with their kids, and a lot were in costume, too.

That’s all it takes to set your day right.

That’s why we live in San Miguel de Allende.


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