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Waddup? Nuttin, you? Nada. So, howzabout a cat and cacti picture then? Cool. And some dancing girls.

“The Cat in the Cacti” was one of my favorite Dr.Seuss books to read to my sons when they were toddlers. They did not grow up confused, but I did. Still am, I guess.

You want to hear about how my IT wizard supercharged my streaming media speed so that I can actually watch a movie uninterrupted (sometimes) off my FireStick?

Nah. Me neither.

How about the coming Sriracha shortage because drought conditions in northern Mexico are killing off the chiles harvest and the hot-sauce factory has closed?

You already know that one, huh?

Did I mention that starting today, I’m going to reply to the 20 political campaign pitches a day in my inbox that my debit card was hacked yesterday and until I get a new one, you get no money and I don’t get to eat?

No, really. True story. Not interested?

OK. I’m dying here, people. I got nothing.

Wait. Wait. I’ve got a cat picture. You wanna cat picture?

Oh, sure you do. How about a cat and cacti in the same photo?

That’s it up above. So you’ve already seen it. Go back and look at it again. This is a garden-variety cat in Parque Guadiana, a park that is very popular with dog owners. There is something to be said for a cat that chooses to live in a park full of dogs.

I just don’t know what.

But it’s a cute cat, huh? Climbs trees faster than any other cat that I’ve ever seen. Which explains its longevity, I guess.

So, yeah, I’ve got nothing.

The rainy season is slowly making its presence felt in San Miguel. Around 5 p.m. most days, the clouds reluctantly roll in, making for some nice sunsets if not a lot of rain, yet. This is the Parroquia San Antonio view from our rooftop.

After hiking Ireland, the endless parade that is the Feast of St. Anthony here in San Miguel, and the glorious fireworks finale, and now waiting for the rainy season to begin in earnest — I’m in a lull. We’re in a lull. San Miguel de Allende is in a lull.

Most gringos don’t even feel like celebrating July 4th — the ironically named Independence Day.

So, a three-story hotel or condo complex is going up next door. Has been going up for a long time. We actually moved out a year ago when the noise grew unbearable and only recently moved back in. I presumed that we’d lost our prized view of the Parroquia San Miguel de Arcangel. Imagine my surprise when I climbed up to the rooftop terrace and found this. Mind you, the iconic church is visible only from one corner of the terrace, and you have to lean out a little to see it. But it is there!

Well, Republicans want to celebrate. Now that they have managed to strip Americans of about a half-dozen rights and freedoms in a matter of days, they have a shitload of christofascist-inspired repression over which to express their peculiar sense of joy.

We’re leaving for a wedding in Rhode Island next week and I’ll be honest, I’m filled with trepidation.

Nah. Just kidding. Everything is going to be great. Now that everyone is back to respectfully wearing masks in the U.S., and there is no more political strife, and people are generally happy that inflation and supply line issues are under control, and gas is back at pennies a gallon, and people are just in general liking each other’s company.

Fashion shoots at the Parroquia San Miguel are a thing. This one was taking place this morning. I don’t know if using an iPhone counts as a fashion shoot but they were having fun.

What? You’re kidding me, right? I should wear a kevlar vest and a mask? And what about my “I love Democrats” t-shirt?

Damn. Well, you have a happy Independence Day, for whatever reason you choose to celebrate.

Meanwhile, I’ll just leave some images here of flowers from the courtyard of our colonial-style hacienda and a few other random distractions for your enjoyment.

As always, feel free to share, send money or nice snacks that I can eat while awaiting my new debit card.


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