San Miguel de Allende

Dusk settles on Parque Juarez, as dulcet strains of ‘Ave Maria’ float through the trees

As I was saying the other day, you walk out the door in San Miguel de Allende and open your heart to the infinite possibilities, and something magical will happen.

Tonight, it was opera in the park. I ask you, where you live, how often do you take an evening stroll through a beautiful park and encounter a quartet of opera singers?

I did. In Parque Juarez. Right next to the basketball courts, just down from the gazebo so brightly lit up with twinkling fairy lights.

This was the final night of a small festival of music, dancing, and arts called Feria de la Nochebuena 2022, The Christmas Eve Fair.

From the upper side of the park, the dulcet strains of a duet on “Ave Maria” floated through the trees.

I reached the small stage area to catch the second half of the song. The young couple mixed opera classics with Christmas carols and were soon joined by two others, building to a powerful finish.

The audience, though small, built through the evening until perhaps 50 people were cheering, clapping, shouting “Bravo!” and begging for more, as the festival staff handed out cups of warm cider.

Dare I say it? It was magical.

The singers come from a new opera company in an Miguel, called Operisma Mexico.

The groups director and teacher, Rodrigio, accompanied the singers on piano.

“You heard these people tonight,” he said with pride. “We have 18 excellent singers in the company.”

Operisma Mexico moved to an Miguel a year ago and in 2023 plans at least three, if not more operas at the Angela Peralta Theater and Casa Europa, Rodrigio said.

He added that tonight’s program was originally a duet but the other singers — all friends and colleagues — asked if they could join in. “They all know the music so it was easy enough to do,” he said.

At the evening’s end, festival staff presented poinsettias to everyone in the audience.

I didn’t have a chance to collect the names of these wonderful young artists but I promise you more on Operisma Mexico in the near future.


Put more magic in your life!

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6 thoughts on “Dusk settles on Parque Juarez, as dulcet strains of ‘Ave Maria’ float through the trees

    • Agreed! The festival seemed very low-key — a couple of poinsettia vendors, some nice entertainment each evening — but other than a poster in the park and the Atencion events calendar, it was not out there. Watch for this opera company, though. They will be out there!


  1. Louise Levy says:

    I am in the park everyday walking my dog. I love opera and so regret missing this but never saw a notice or sign or would have loved to have been there. I hope your next concert will be well advertised.
    Best wishes,
    Louise Levy


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