4 thoughts on “San Miguel Still Life #17.1

  1. Trang Medlin says:

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for your lovely email updates of San Miguel. I’m living vicariously through your website.

    I have a soft spot for SMA as you see why. I met this amazing group of people in SMA who are theater actors so devoted to doing history plays for contribution just for the love of acting. I’m just blown away as Americans, we are not privileged to viewing these types of plays due to financial costs. I’ve becoming good friends with this group of actors who perform weekly for tourists in the Museum of Allende in the Jardin several times per day on the weekends, depending on how many tourists they can persuade to come see live theater and all based on contributions. I just thought I would reach out to you to see if perhaps you can do an article about this group as they can use any financial assistance/exposure via your website and your Ex-pat audience. These actors just blow my mind as they are so devoted to their passion and have done so much for not only the City of SMA but the Country of Mexico. With the recent Independence Day, they performed (covid-safety) in front of Congress. They are just looking for ways to perform and make a few dollars to continue doing what they love. Seeing your emails, I thought you may give them press. Thank you in advanced for your consideration!

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/TequioSMA/

    If you are interested, let me know first if you don’t mind. They have no clue I’m doing this so…

    Thank you so much for keeping me informed of SMA. I’ll be back to visit very soon.

    Trang aka Luna


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