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Framing life: A San Miguel de Allende gallery

Part of a mural in Guadalupe by Jace. In art, Nature seems to have the last word.
A bucolic setting on the edge of Colonia San Antonio.
Be a door ever so humble …
Until a door is opened, you just never know …
Stairway in Balcones. Each time I pass, I tell myself that I must climb them to see where they go, but never do.
Just an abstract. The things you discover when you are sitting down and your iPhone accidentally slips into selfie mode. The phone says “Look up! There are things you miss when your head is buried in the black screen.”
A welcoming table in the new Mama Mia Restaurant in Centro.
This is the sort of picture around which successful caption contests are built. In Centro. Again, Nature succeeds where art and architecture end.
Lifelong friends, the four amigos are still upright (mostly) and singing (mostly off-key) after a night-long bout with mescal. The one on the far right is trying to hail an Uber. In Guadiana.
I saw this scene from two blocks away and walked briskly toward the bike, fearful that the owner would appear and wheel away before I got my shot. So simple. So elegant. So San Miguel. In San Antonio.

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