San Miguel de Allende

A guest video blogger offers a fresh look at San Miguel … and our home


My guest video blogger Caira Button is the Catrina on the right. Her lovely assistant is Catrina Rose Alcantara. Facial art is by our talented friend and neighbor Jimmy Hickey.

Good news, Musings & Magic fans, we have a guest blogger today!

A guest VIDEO blogger.

Let me introduce Caira Button, daughter of my dear wife, Rose Alcantara, and an accomplished video blogger who lives in Chicago.

When I first met Caira, she was a young high school student and more than a little wary about this new guy in her mom’s life. We hit it off well, though. And it has been incredible to watch this little “kid” grow up, graduate from university, and create an independent, incredible, and exciting life for herself.

Caira creates videos that show people how to make the most out of living in small spaces. You may have noticed that apartments in cities are getting smaller and smaller. So, her project is quite timely and relevant — and popular!

During a recent visit to San Miguel de Allende, Caira produced a couple of videos.

The first is a tour of our apartment, which was a fun romp — and fits right in with her small-space living theme.  We have a petite two-bedroom that feels like a sprawling manse, with a million-dollar view of the city.

Caira had fun zipping around the place and even I got to appreciate our home in a different light. Her mom got to be the camera operator, too.

In this second video, Rose invited our friend Lorena over to teach them how to cook arroz con pollo and make guacamole. Lorena comes from a family restaurant background and has taught Rose several delicious local dishes.

We keep encouraging Lorena to organize cooking classes — she is so personable and knowledgeable — and I think that may happen. I’ll keep you posted.

If you enjoy Caira’s videos, you can check out her YouTube channel, “Caira Button: Small space living and organization,” right here. 

Thanks for watching!

The boring old guy will be back with words and pictures soon!

Meanwhile, here are some blog posts of mine during the time Caira was visiting:


3 thoughts on “A guest video blogger offers a fresh look at San Miguel … and our home

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  2. Kim says:

    Fabulous! Caira did an outstanding job bringing us to Mexico. Very cool to see Rose enjoying daughter time. Your bathroom tiles and sink 💗 The bar has been raised for your SMDA blog.


    • They are great together. Always a joy to be in the room when Caira and Rose are hanging out. And, yeah, I love her fun and sassy girl blog style! I’d probably try a different tack if I went video, although I’m sure people would tire of seeing me in video pretty quickly!


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