San Miguel de Allende

Faces in the crowd – and a guy with a duck – in San Miguel de Allende on Dia de Muertos

Walking around San Miguel de Allende — or probably most anywhere in Mexico — is a bit surreal today.  And magical. And joyful. And curious. And beautiful. And heartwarming.

¡Feliz Dia de Muertos!

Catrinas and Catrines are everywhere. Not in the eye-popping costuming they’ll wear tonight as they parade about town. No, this afternoon the town was filled with skeletons walking around in shorts and t-shirts, school uniforms — you know extraordinary faces in ordinary clothes.


Avert your eyes, my boy.

Garlands are being hung over doorways, brighten up every street in Centro and beyond.

At the cemetery, people were primping and pruning about family graves. Adding varnish and paint where needed. Pulling weeds. Adding buckets of flowers. Just outside the cemetery is the carnival-like atmosphere — flower vendors, food stands, games of chance, souvenir sellers, musicians …

Here are pictures from yesterday in San Miguel de Allende.

And here are more pictures, from today’s walkabout:


Flower vendor near the municipal cemetery.


Kids sell the cans to families headed for the cemetery. They are filled with water and flowers and placed on the graves.


This little girl and her mother brought flowers to the cemetery for a family burial site.




Through the garland rings …

What the duck?


Some people get their faces painted. Some people walk around with very large ducks on their backs — well, one guy at least.

And there are always shy people …


Beautification goes on today at the cemetery while at our local San Antonio church, altars are being built to remember the dead and welcome their spirits back t the community:


And here is a selection of garlands, just because …



2 thoughts on “Faces in the crowd – and a guy with a duck – in San Miguel de Allende on Dia de Muertos

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