photography, San Miguel de Allende

Once upon a time …

In the land of Mexico, princesses abound.

Here are some to see. Two from San Miguel de Allende. Two from Mexico City.

So much casual beauty, posing before the photographer’s lens.

In the Principle Jardine at night, in the glow of street lamps on Nov. 22, 2022.

In Mexico City, Nov.17, 2022.

The Fire Princess

A princess plays with fire in front of the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia, Mexico City, on Nov. 20, 2022.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time …

    • In Mexico and other Spanish-Latino cultures, when a girl turns 15, she is considered on the threshold to womanhood. To mark this coming-of-age passage, she is treated like a princess, and a big celebration is created. Kind of like a bar mitzvah or bas mitzvah? Families save all their lives for this event — which is called a quinceaƱera.


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