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Behind closed doors: Oh, what a relief it is!

It is popular and entirely appropriate in San Miguel de Allende to say “You never know what’s behind a closed door.”

Entrances on San Miguel streets give you no hint at all as to what lies behind them.

The most humble of doors can open onto a garden of Eden, a fairyland, a small village, a rabbit warren of homes, a vast and empty park, a stately hacienda, ancient ruins, a private town square surrounded by stately homes, ageless and towering trees, private roads – well, whatever imagination and money can conjure.

Or, in the labyrinthian spirit, one door could open to yet another. And another. And another. And …

As we often say here in San Miguel, “You just never know. …”

It was quite by chance the other day that we ran into friends Jean-Paul and Shannon peering into one such entrance on Calle 20 de Enero in Colonia San Antonio. It is a carport door that is rarely open.

And who could blame them for staring?

The entire length of the wall to the left of the driveway is the most curious bas relief – a floor-to-ceiling celebration of Mexican culture and spirituality created in clay, brick, stones, sculptures, found objects, and bedazzlements. One section of the wall is a relief sculpture of the Parroquia de San Miguel de Allende Arc Angel supported by a statue of the warrior angel.

Also embedded into the wall are shrines to saints and sinners, angels and musicians, maidens and demons, Blessed Virgins and a poor chap dressed in a barrel, and so much more than a person could take in in the few minutes we had inside this treasure.

On the side opposite the wall is a cozy courtyard, bordered by two levels of apartments, with a burnished-gold spiral staircase to the second floor.

At the end of the drive, the world opens up into a common area around which are three most-intriguing homes. The air is thick with artistry, whimsy, and cleverness.

I wish I could tell you more about this discovery but I can’t. Except that the amazing wall, while seemingly ancient, has been created only in the past four years. The apartments are about five years old, I was told.

I can only tantalize you with some quickly grabbed photos and the hope that the next time I pass this entrance, it will be open again and I can spend more time there. Maybe even talk with the creative genius behind this wall sculpture.


Put more magic in your life!

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