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Flowers. Just flowers — but from San Miguel de Allende, Cape Cod, and Newport

In San Miguel de Allende, we call this the rainy season.

Many days, the clouds will roll in during the afternoon and by 5 p.m. or so, there will be rain, thunder, and lightning.

It is happening right now as I write about it. A little early in the day, 1:30 p.m. but nobody ever complains about the rain.

That’s because the alternative is what we call “the rest of the year.” That is when it is hot, dust bowl dry. The wind kicks up and dust particles swirl into the air and fill your nostrils — the ones not filled with pollen — and your ears and sting your eyes.

If this were a movie, Ennio Morricone would be composing the soundtrack.

But, not now. Now is the rainy season and everything is green and flowers are blooming — no, flowers are exploding — everywhere. Cascading over walls, clambering up trellises, popping out of cracks in sidewalks, carpeting forested parks, lining up dutifully in painstakingly moderated gardens, filling empty patches of ground.

If this were a movie, Vangelis would be composing the soundtrack.

Even the weeds are beautiful at this time of year.

Maybe I got hooked on all this flora photography while hiking in Ireland in May. Speaking of weather, a friend there told us they have two forecasts: “It might rain today” and “It will rain today.” All of which explains how extraordinarily beautiful and green is the Irish countryside. And irresistible it is to photographers.

As a rule, I don’t walk around photographing flowers while contemplating their intrinsic beauty.

But, holy cow. This much casual beauty is not something easily ignored. In terms of horticultural aesthetics, San Miguel de Allende is a bit over the top at the moment.

The other week, I posted pictures of flowers and vines in my own garden courtyard. I tell you, it is hard to have a bad day when you must wade through a virtual bouquet of fresh-blooming flowers to reach your first cup of coffee.

This batch of flowers comes from walking the family dog, Moppit, around the neighborhood.

I didn’t set out to record the whole blooming universe. Just the ones that captured my eye and imagination. OK, some are from my own garden which keeps on giving in fresh, new, and exciting ways every day.

But wait, there’s more.

We recently visited Newport, Rhode Island, and Chatham, Massachusetts.

And I found myself doing what I do here in San Miguel: Photographing flowers.

I know, it is becoming a thing.

Rain is more variable in Newport and on the Cape — it can show up at any time. Often when you have some sort of outing planned, like a wedding, a picnic, a fishing expedition, a baseball game, a drive in your convertible, or a walk along a verdant path.

Mind you, this did not happen while we were visiting but I lived there long enough to experience the capricious nature of New England weather. They also have a thing called “Spring” which goes hand-in-hand with lots of rain and contributes mightily to the floral extravaganzas in both areas.

So, included here is a sampling of flowers found in Newport along what is known as The Cliff Walk (sort of an outdoor museum of the backsides of fabulously huge summer homes, mostly from the days before America hit on the idea of taxing the wealthy …) and from a wonderful seaside walking trail at Sachuset Point.

Also, from a walk through the family neighborhood of South Chatham on Cape Cod. I must confess, I don’t ever recall seeing the color, variety, and bounty of flowers that now dress up every front yard.

Wild flowers of Newport, Rhode Island (and one bunny)

Garden flowers of South Chatham, Mass. (and one bunny)


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2 thoughts on “Flowers. Just flowers — but from San Miguel de Allende, Cape Cod, and Newport

  1. Sharon says:

    Dear Robert, our mutual friends, David & Mayumi sent your beautiful photos along to us. It looks like the first picture in SMA might have been taken in their, and your? development. We live in Chatham/Harwich CC and will be returning to SMA the month of March 2023. If you are there then we would enjoy meeting you. I am a Master Gardener here on Cape Cod and love flowering plants! Sharon


    • Hi Sharon, thanks for the message! The first photo is over in Guadiana. We’re just across the Ancha in Colonia San Antonio but we — Moppit and I — walk over there almost daily. My Smith family lives mostly in South Chatham. Stuart Smith is harbormaster in Chatham, at least for 35 years. His brother Stephen builds beautiful Cape homes. Their sister Janine (and husband John Scott) retired there a few years back. Janine and John were visiting San Miguel when Covid came crashing down and they cut their stay short. They expect to return in 2023, too! You live in such a beautiful area! I have never seen the flowers so plentiful and varied. We shall be here in March, fates willing. Let us indeed meet up!


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