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The Log for May 7: Full Moon & she goes full werewolf, 2 break-ins, (unrelated) 2 blog posts

IMG_1614#1  Full moon — Neighbor went into full werewolf until about 1:30 a.m. Howling, screaming, ranting. Somebody was trying to talk her down, not very successfully. At the same time she was smashing up a lot of stuff — sounded like wood slats — one after another, after another.

#2 Miguel and Mercedes at Rinconcito said the two businesses next to them on Refugio were broken into, possibly right after the werewolf crashed for the night. Miguel was helping the shop owners cut back the trees that were climbed to get inside.

#3   Facebook looks like such a toilet this morning.  Trump attacks a nurse in the oval office. A black man in Georgia is shot down in cold blood while jogging. Idiot America is on the rise. Conspiracy videos are on the rise. Trump’s DOJ drops all charges against Michael Flynn. Even the stuff I agree with is getting nauseating.

This is all giving me Irritable Brain Syndrome.

#4  AND SO I WRITE: Yesterday I went on a photo safari in our back yard. The photos came together in a nice little meditative tour that I was able to turn into a piece of escapist fiction, titled  “Come walk with me through the magic door into the garden of stone angels.”

Last night we watched the English National Ballet Company streaming performance of “Romeo and Juliet,” as created by Rudolph Nureyev.  Purely a coincidence, exactly 10 years ago on this same night, Rose and I attended our first ballet together, in San Francisco, “Romeo and Juliet.”

It was memorable for many reasons, one of which I have discovered was completely wrong. I wrote about it today: “That time when Romeo proposed to Juliet? It wasn’t quite as we remembered.”

#5 Finished reading “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury today. I swear, if I had picked up this book when I was 15 or 16 years old, I’d have been a different and better writer. Bradbury ignites a love of writing and electrifies the imagination with his prose. Unabashedly nostalgic in the very best of ways, I want copies in the hands of each of my grandchildren at the earliest possible occasion.

#6 Did the New York Times crossword puzzle for Thursday, A rarity for me. I usually stick with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for time demands and level of difficulty (both modest). Got it done in 45 minutes with a minimum of cheating. I also discovered Smithsonian Magazine’s daily crossword Kind of an NYT Tuesday level. I like it!

#7 Took Moppit for her evening walk. Stopped into Rinconcito to order dinner to go from Miguel and Mercedes — trout for Rose, chimichanga de pollo for me. They just reopened and their food is so good. I hope their business returns.

#8  On our walk, excited to see the dor to Wolf’s Gym was open. Not for business. Lots of renovations going on. White walls to brighten up the place, a rearrangement of equipment.

#9 Podcast:  NYT Rabbit Hole. Episodes drop every Thursday in this investigation into the messianic and algorithmic power of the Internet to influence your thinking. I can’t emphasize enough how insightful this series is already in only four episodes.



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