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TOSMA Saturday market finds a temporary home as a garden of earthly delights

Wow. Talk about landing on your feet, if only for one Saturday.

Last week, the popular Mercado Sano took a hit when an outside electrical fire forced its closing, through this weekend apparently.

What to do with the hugely popular TOSMA market that occupied the back parking and cavernous storage buildings?

With some pretty quick maneuvering, the entire marketplace with its organic produce, baked goods, paleta, artisanal goods and foods, crafts, music, and gringo gatherings was shifted to the Edenic grounds of the nearby Real de Minas Hotel (HRM Hotel).

What happens next week? Back to Mercado Sano, I suppose, but what a tantalizing prospect the HRM holds for the future.

(I was just told unofficially that the market will remain at HRM for four more weeks. Can anyone confirm?)

What a gorgeous setting — palm trees, a lagoon, green grass, lots and lots of seating, and many of our familiar market stalls all seemingly new and fresh in the gardens.

TOSMA is open until 4 p.m. today but I’ll bet they’ll have to herd a ton of people out, the way Adam and Eve were escorted from the Garden of Eden. It’s the kind of place you could linger in well into the night.

These photos were taken early, shortly after the market opened but business was picking up as I left.

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