Colonia San Antonio, photography, San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is for the birds — lovebirds

With all the celebrating going on in San Miguel this weekend, it is easy to forget that love is always in the air.

I submit these photographs as evidence.

These were all taken on Sunday morning before I’d even had breakfast. The peacocks sauntered over while I was having breakfast. In fact, they came up to a very large enclosure housing a quartet of finches.

As I was eating, I was pleasantly distracted by the song of a brilliant yellow finch that was trying very hard to impress his mate. I like to think that the peacocks were encouraging the hapless chap. His song wasn’t making a great impression on the soft yellow and white lady who kept flying to the upper reaches of the cage, out of the way of his attentions.

Earlier this morning at the Jardin in Centro, two love birds — OK, pigeons — were having an intense conversation over the watercooler. When third-party pigeons tried to interrupt, they would shoo them away.

Meanwhile, across the courtyard, a caballero and his maiden were posing — pausing? — on the steps of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel before approaching the inner sanctum.

And finally, in the midst of all the chaos as indigenous and cultural groups prepared to march down the Ancha, boys and girls lock eyes. And the rest will be history.

Oh, yes, there was a parade today and there was so much to love about that, too. I’ll post some photos later.


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