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Road trip: Botanical garden of unearthly delights

A quick trip to San Diego last week included a nighttime visit to the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas which has decked out what seems to be all of its 37 acres with twinkling fairy lights, whirling kaleidoscopes of rainbow colors, washing waves of luminescent greens and reds, and light sculptures — all set against a canvas of bamboo groves, desert agave and palm plants, tropical rainforests, California palm trees, sturdy and ancient trees, Mediterranean bushes, and sub-tropical fruit trees.

There was even a snow-making machine if the light show weren’t enough for you. There was also wine by the glass for Mom & Dad. Pro tip: A night like this calls for a nice strong red with a side snack of kettle corn.

Wally (left) and Augie had no use for Santa, but the lights, oh, the lights!

The mission was to find Santa Claus in this hallucinogenic swirl of lights and baby strollers, and secure a perch on his paunch for my grandsons Augie and Wally. Yes, they are of that special age when the lap of a jolly old bearded soul sends them running and screaming in terror. Which makes for fun pictures.

That’s ok, it’s all about the journey and walking through the gardens is magical indeed.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mission semi-accomplished. But … the best Santa, ever.
Grandpa holds Wally for a picture while Wally wonders if I’m as terrifying as Santa Clause.

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