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No rhyme, no reason, Part 2: Seeing things

Kind of like the world we live in today: Fractured, confusing, disorienting, distorted.
But there is hope. A way out. An opening in the distance — with a glimpse of promise on the other side. We just need to stay focused on that opening.
Don’t get distracted by the distance, the rough roads, and the impossible exits.
Enjoy the journey. There is beauty along the way.
Find beauty where it isn’t obvious. Take beauty back from the thieves who would shatter windows into a million pieces. And for what? Reclaim beauty! It is our right!
Light and shadow show us the way. Even the improbable can flourish in hostile conditions. We don’t need perfection around us to be our best selves.
Life is full of contradictions. Cherish them. If everything made sense, where would we find mystery and joy and curiosity?
Fall back on our better angels when things seem in the pits. I have eight angels with me at all times, a gift from an old friend: Balance, Simplicity, Strength, Patience, Humor, Gratitude, Surrender, and Tenderness. Sometimes they are off doing other things. But they always come back.
Believe in others but find one person in whom you can put your faith — and never let it waver. Prove that you, too, are worthy of their faith. It is called a relationship.
You don’t have to find meaning in everything but it is fun to wonder about intent
Keep your eyes open. Always. Sometimes, walk down a street you haven’t been on in ages or take a path you’ve not seen before. If you are willing — and lucky — you could stumble on to a garden like this one …
Sometimes it feels like the whole world is aligned against you. But you’ve got to believe that it will get better. Even our worst moments have to come up for air sometime.
Remember the fountain we saw through the hole in the wall? This isn’t it. But this one was just around the corner, and just as beautiful. Stay flexible. What we want isn’t always ours for the taking but rarely is what we want the end of the story.
Sometimes, the slightest shift in perspective, the smallest adjustment, a different angle can open up a whole new outlook, a whole new opportunity to embrace fantasy, feel wonder.

I wish I had answers. I don’t. I only have images. All of these were taken in San Miguel de Allende during this past week.

At the time I took them, they didn’t always make sense to me. Now they do. A little bit more. And more each time I look at them. I hope you find a little something in this collection as well.


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