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The rainy season turns San Miguel hillside neighborhood into a vernal wonderland

The rainy season has begun in San Miguel de Allende and brings with it an abundance of lush and impossibly green vegetation. There is a freshness to everything — the streets, the air, the flowers now blooming everywhere in mad bursts of color.

Walking though older parts of San Miguel feel like you have been transported to dense tropical forests in an era far removed from the present.

The perfect getaway for the homebound in the Age of Pandemic.

Who doesn’t want to feel like you are actually getting away from it all? This walk can actually help.

If you are in San Miguel, let’s start somewhere familiar: the steps of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in Centro.

Head east on either San Francisco or Correo Santo Domingo. Either way, it is a moderate uphill climb that just keeps climbing. Once you are past Salida Real a Queretaro, the sounds of traffic give way to the gurgle of streams, cooling shade, and the symphony of birds in the towering ancient trees.

The rest is easy. Relax, walk, explore, open your eyes and heart and ears to all that surrounds you. The houses here feel like they are in constant battle with the vegetation and trees — or maybe it is a benign dance of accommodation.

There are numerous boutique hotels up here with lovingly maintained grounds and swaths of impossibly green grass to make golf courses envious.

Enjoy the several footbridges which cross the streams, and if you are there right after a storm, the powerful rush of water as it heads down the deeply carved arroyo.

Santo Domingo eventually emerges on open fields and the start of Salida Real a Queretaro, not far from the Luciernaga shopping mall. It is all downhill from here back to the start. The entire loop is 5-6 km.

Enjoy this selection of pictures taken on Saturday, June 27, on our morning walk. All are from Correro Santo Domingo.

There is so much more to explore up in the hills!

Stunning entrance to Castle of Dreams boutique hotel.

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