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The Log for June 2: Binging on depressing podcasts, ‘Space Force,’ and my own House Hunters Int. drinking game. And your day?

IMG_1832LOOK UP IN THE AIR! IT’S CLUELESS MAN!: Took Moppit for her morning walk and I must say, there are far, far, more people with masks on than without. Are morning people more considerate of their own health and that of others?

I wouldn’t know since I usually take the evening walk but yesterday a woman was mugged two blocks over and I immediately went into Superman mode.

“I’ll walk Moppit in the morning,” I said. “It isn’t safe out there. You can go running if you like. You can outrun most anybody that would mug you. Can’t do it with a little dog on a leash.”

My heroics were met with lukewarm enthusiasm. At some point during the day, I’m sure I heard the phrase “bird in a gilded cage.”

Still ….


When paper flowers can cheer up a very sad collection of cacti, really, we have nothing to be glum about. Right? Cheers to whoever decided to do this.

HEY! THREE VERY DEPRESSING PODCASTS TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY: Morning walks are great for podcasts. New York Times’ The Daily asked the big question of the day: How are so many violent and corrupt cops able to stay on America’s police forces in the face of so much overwhelming evidence. The answer is five-fold and depressing.

On Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviews Brigid Schulte, director of the Better Life Lab, on the “grotesque” inequality in doing home chores discovered by people forced to stay home all the time together.  Yeah, you guessed it: Men are shits. Show is from May 21 and definitely worth listening to.

This American Life talks with Lissa Yellow Bird, a Native American with a penchant for finding the missing, alive or dead. When she discovers her own niece has gone missing, she puts everything she has into bringing the girl home. Author Sierra Crane Murdoch wrote a book about Yellow Bird and tells the story here with many of the actual recordings and interviews taken in the search for the culprits. The story is heartbreaking on so many levels and it does not end well, but I would not have missed it for the world.


Just a door, seeking your acceptance.

HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL: At 11 a.m. Rose and I went to look at a house for rent. It was up at the top of a very steep set of stairs that almost gave me a heart attack. (Well, that was the most direct way to reach it.) We look once in a while to see what is on the market, although we love our home in San Antonio.

Which reminds me, have you ever tried my House Hunters International  Drinking Game? I wrote it up years ago after watching way too many of the formulaic programs. At the time, I didn’t know how much of the show they make up to fit in their rigid little formula. But the game still holds. You can get wasted on less than two episodes.

It is the most popular post ever on my Bound for Belize blog. That and the story I wrote on the Caribbean commission that was developing minimum standards for toilet paper that would apply across all member countries. Titled: “This is how we roll.”


Very, very big on doors this week. I wonder what it means?  Am I trying to get in … or out?

WAIT TIL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES: Watched the Tuesday streaming talk with Heather Cox Richardson, professor of political history, as she discussed the history of the Possee Comitatus Act. That is the law Trump threatens to use to send military troops against the American people protesting in the streets all over America today.

You should read her Letter from an American every day. Yes, you. I mean it now.

WALKING THE DOG, PART 2: People really do smile and say hello more in the early morning. I guess by 5 p.m. the day has worn most people down.

Moppit and I listened to my latest podcast addition, NPR’s All Songs Considered. It’s the end of the month so the stall members all get to pick their favorite release for the past month. It is an eclectic list, some clinkers, some winners. They saved the best for last, a joyous pop-rock ripper from the Scottish band “The Love You Give,” from the Everything Changes in the End album.

Here, just listen — turn it up and dance!

BINGE WORTHY: Finished the last three episodes of the Netflix series “Space Force.”

Ha! Ha! Funny thing: I accidentally wrote “Space Farce.”

I must have been actually thinking of the actual Space Force, announced by the president. Granted, the real thing is a gift to sit-com writers, pundits, cartoonists, and stand-up comics.

But the cable show actually has more substance, compassion, heart, and really funny moments. There are 10 episodes, 30 minutes each and once you start, I promise you’ll binge on it.

Here’s the cast playing a “Space Force” trivia game:


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