San Miguel de Allende

Hundreds of riders pass through Centro en route to honoring St. Martin


Riders paused in front of the Parroquia for prayers, selfies, regrouping, and socializing before riding out of town.

Hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls have come to town for the blessings of the church on riders and their mounts on Friday, Nov. 8 around 5 p.m. More riders may gallop through Centro on Saturday.

They are celebrating the feast of St. Martin, patron saint of horse riders.

According to local historian Joseph Toone,  thousands of riders will gather 30 miles outside of town, toward Queretaro, for a mass on horseback and blessings.

The official feast of St. Martin is Nov. 11.

Here’s a short video fo the riders leaving Centro, if you like the sound of horses clip-clopping on the cobblestone streets!








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