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Then there were clouds


Clouds are best after the nightly rain.

The rain arrived promptly at 6:45 p.m., courtesy of just one gray-black chunk of water-engorged atmosphere.

It was beautiful. Even if Moppit and I were caught out in the open.

It poured for all of 10 minutes, quickly turning the cobblestone roads into rivers and turning Moppit and me into a couple of drowned rats. (She is very hairy at the moment and looks much more like a drowned rat than me.)

Did I mention that repairs were started today on the roof to stop up a few leaks? Did I mention there are now way more than a few?

Getting drenched. Mopping up the floors. No problem.

Do you know why?


You can’t stay down when the clouds are this beautiful.

It is my favorite time, after the evening rain, because the sun hasn’t yet set and Old Sol, being the artist that he is, uses the clouds as the perfect canvases for the light and shadow show.

Appearing nightly on a mountainside near you, beautiful clouds of all sorts and dimensions. And making a special guest appearance for a few nights only — the moon.

I love San Miguel de Allende.

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